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  pH/ORP Sensor Storage Solutions: 32 oz
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pH/ORP Sensor Storage Solutions: 32 oz

Accurately calibrate your instruments with Myron L® Company Standard Solutions. All solutions have an accuracy of +/-1% based on values published in the International Critical Tables and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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NIST Certificates:
Certificate of Factory NIST Calibration (will delay shipment) [Add $46.00]

Description Technical Specs
Maximize the life of your Myron L® meter_s pH or pH/ORP sensor with Myron L® sensor storage solution.
Your meter uses a general-purpose glass pH sensor. This glass sensor may be used in most applications.
To ensure maximum life of your pH meter, read the following procedures. It is the experience of the repair technicians that 90% of all premature pH sensor failures can be prevented with a few maintenance procedures.
The following procedures should be performed after using your meter, or if you plan to store your meter for an extended period of time.
1. The pH sensor well (fig 1) must be filled with storage solution (preferred) or pH buffer 4, or tap water with table salt added and its protective cap (with foam insert) firmly installed.
_Ѣ Allow the glass membrane to dry out. A dehydrated glass membrane will not produce the necessary _Gel layer_ѝ on the sensor surface, which is essential to allow the exchange of hydrogen ions (measure pH).
_Ѣ Allow airborne contaminants to settle on the glass membrane surface. Once contaminants dry onto the surface of the glass membrane, it will inhibit the transfer of hydrogen ions. (See factory approved cleaning process below.)
_Ѣ Allow the reference junction to dry out. The reference junction material is usually a wick or fiber type material that completes the electrical circuit between the reference electrode cell and the solution being tested. Dehydration causes the reference solution to leach out of the electrode cavity, and form crystals in the junction. This is normally referred to as the _Bridging effect_ѝ.
Repeated dehydration of the pH or pH/ORP sensor will cause the instrument to have a slower response time, and be more difficult to calibrate. Dehydration will significantly reduce the normal service life of the sensor.

Note: Refer to TDS/Conductivity Equivalents chart for actual calibration point values.
Note: RE-10 Range Extenders are usually calibrated with either 442-15,000 or 442- 30,000 Standard Solution. (Portable Analog Instruments)

Conductivity instruments are a convenient way to determine the parts per million of total dissolved solids (ppm/TDS) in boilers, cooling towers, reverse osmosis systems, etc. Although the International Unit (Sl) of measuring conductivity is the microsiemens/ cm (also known as micromhos/cm), a direct reading in ppm/TDS is sometimes preferred.

Myron L® conductivity instruments and monitor/ controllers are calibrated to read in ppm/442, ppm/ NaCI, or microsiemens. All three values are listed on our Standard Solutions. The relationship among these standards can be seen in the table and graphs that follow.

If you need Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please click "Manuals & Literature" at the top of the website.
What's Included
  • Includes:
  • Solution Bottle (32 oz)
  • Solution Instructions (Directions, Storage, etc)

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