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  Alkalinity Test Tablets: ATT100
Alkalinity Test Tablets: ATT100

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Alkalinity Test Tablets
Package of 100

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Description Technical Specs
1. Pour a few drops of the sample water and one of the Alkalinity Test Tablets into the Alkalinity Test Vial.
2. Cap the vial and swirl the sample until the tablet completely dissolves. The solution should turn a deep violet color.
3. Uncap the vial and gradually add sample water, agitating to keep the solution well mixed. Continue this until the sample suddenly
turns green.
4. Read the alkalinity in ppm by comparing the solution level to the scale on the side of the vial.
NOTE: Thoroughly rinse the Alkalinity Test Vial with clean water after each test.


1. Collect samples which are representative of the area you are testing. Avoid the upper half inch or so, as salts accumulate there because of the surface evaporation.
2. If you have the time, dry the sample. Place it on a paper towel or clean surface and allow it to dry. Rapid drying such as in an oven is not recommended since some nutrients may be vaporized.
3. When using tap water to dilute soil, test the conductivity of the water alone. This figure will be subtracted from the conductivity value of the soil/water mixture solution. It is not necessary to measure the conductivity of deionized or distilled water as it is
not high enough to affect the mixture's final conductivity reading.
4. If using the Myron L® Soil Test Kit, place the dried soil sample in the smaller vial to either the 2:1 or 5:1 soil line. A  2:1 water-tosoil ratio is usually sufficient. However, organic media such as peat moss need a 5:1 water-to-soil test solution.
NOTE: If you are not using the Myron L® Soil Test Kit, mix 3 oz. (by volume not weight) of dried soil and 6 oz. water in a container. Organic media use a 5:1 water-to-soil ratio.
5. Pour the measured soil sample into the larger vial.
6. Twice fill the smaller vial with water to the upper line and pour it into the vial containing soil.
7. Cover the large vial with the cap provided and shake vigorously to dissolve all soluble salts.
8. Let stand at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. If possible, let stand overnight to allow complete settling out of suspended particles.
9. Decant off the water into another container or directly into the Agri-Meter cell cup. Filter paper or cloth may be used for additional filtration. Paper towels can alter both the conductivity and pH of the sample, and should not be used as filters.
10. Rinse the cell cup with this sample twice. If using Model AG6/pH be sure to sharply shake out samples to clear the pH sensor chamber.
NOTE: If you are also planning to perform the Alkalinity test (see below), save the rinse samples for that test.
11. Fill the cell cup a third time. Press the black button for conductivity (salinity) reading on the black scale. If tap water was mixed with soil, remember to subtract the conductivity reading taken before mixing. The difference is the soil conductivity. If you need
assistance in determining correct salinity limits or concentrations contact your fertilizer supplier consultant, or university.
12. For model AG6/pH, press the red button and read pH on the red scale.
What's Included
  • Alkalinity Test Tablets
  • Package of 100

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