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Automatic Rinse Tank Controls: Proper rinsing is one of themost important steps in quality manufacturing or metal finishing. Plenty of low cost, good quality water for rinsing has been available in the past, so rinse water conservation has been largely ignored. (Read More)
Boiler & Cooling Towers: Boiler & Cooling towers share two major water related problems: deposits and corrosion. As steam is generated by a boiler or water evaporating from a cooling toer dissolved minerals are left behind, increasing the concentration of these minerals. (Read More)
Circuit Board Cleanliness Testing: Contamination of circuit boards can bring about sever degradation of insulation resistance and dielctric strength. Cleanliness of completed circuit boards is, therefore, of vital interest. (Read More)
Deionized Water: Years ago, high purity water was used only in limited applications. Today, deionized (Dl) water has become an essential ingredient in hundreds of applications including: medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing, food processing, plating, countless industrial processes, and even the final rinse at the local car wash. (Read More)
Environmental Applications: Keeping the water in our lakes, rivers, and streams clean requires monitoring of water quality at many points as it gradually makes its way from its source to our oceans. (Read More)
Fountain Solutions: Accurate fountain (dampening) solution concentration control is essential for consistent, high-quality results in lithography. Low concentration can cause drying on the non-image area of the plate resulting in tinting, scumming, blanket piling, etc. (Read More)
Hemodialysis: Controlling dialysate quality is critically important to hemodialysis patient health. Complications as minor as nausea and fatigue or as severe as metabolic acidosis and sepsis can result if dialysate composition is incorrect. (Read More)
Horticulture: Modern growing practices include scientific evaluations of soil, water, fertilizers, diseases, etc. While some tests are best performed by a laboratory, others can be easily conducted on location, saving time and money. (Read More)
Hydroponics: The nutrient solution and its management are the cornerstone for a successful hydroponics system. The function of a hydroponics nutrient solution is to supply the plant roots with water, oxygen and essential mineral elements in soluble form. (Read More)
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)/Redox: ORP is a convenient measure of the oxidizer’s or reducer’s ability to perform a chemical task. ORP is not only valid over a wide pH range, but it is also a rugged electrochemical test, which can easily be accomplished using in-line and handheld instrumentation. (Read More)
Pool & Spa: Anyone and everyone who is responsible for operating and maintaining a swimming pool or spa has to test, monitor, and control complex, interdependent chemical factors that affect the quality of water bathers are immersed in. Additionally, aquatic facilities operators must be familiar with all laws, regulations, and guidelines governing what these parameters should be. (Read More)
Reverse Osmosis: Osmosis is the phenomenon of lower dissolved solids in water passing through a semi-permeable membrane into higher dissolved solids water until a near equilibrium is reached. (Read More)
Standard Solutions and Buffers: All Myron L® handheld instruments are factory calibrated with NIST traceable Standard Solutions having specific conductivity/ppm values. Myron L Company® Standard Solutions are made under strictly controlled conditions using reagent grade salts. (Read More)
Textiles: The textile manufacturing industry encompasses many and diverse processes that rely heavily on the use of water, energy, chemicals, and other resources. Wet spinning, sizing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerization, dyeing and printing are just a few. (Read More)
Free Chlorine: New studies have discovered a new, easier way to measure free chlorine using a digital handheld water quality instrument. This exhaustive research study resulted in the engineering of a brand new measurement feature on the Ultrameter II 6P. Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE) uses values from other parameters to...(Read More)


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