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Browse by Industry or Job Type understands that you may not know exactly which meter you need to order. We have made it a little easier to shop by industry or job type to narrow down your choices. If you still cannot decide or have specific questions, feel free to 'Ask an Expert' at the bottom of the website or just give us a call. We can help you decide which meter is the best for your application. Browse our many products, and check out our video library, manuals, whitepapers and bulletins for more information on any product you see here.
Agriculture Aquaculture/Aquariums
Monitor your irrigation systems to keep costs low and crop yields high. Greenhouse growers and farmers test water quality to maximize plant growth. Get your meter here.

Aquarium enthusiasts and aqua culturist - get testers, meters, chemical test kits, monitors and controllers that measures pH, TDS, ORP, Alkalinity, and more.

Beer Analysis Boilers & Cooling Towers
Brew masters have an assortment of testing equipment for beer analysis. We know the importance of beer quality and offers pH meters, thermometers, and more to maximize yield and beer consistency.

Regular testing of boiler and cooling water is essential to optimize water treatment programs and blowdown schedules. Meters, controllers, testers and more that measure conductivity or TDS, pH and ORP.

Deionized Water Dialysis offers handheld meters and monitor/controllers to ensure that your deionized water systems is functioning optimally. Test for conductivity or resistivity to check the filters performance.

Meters designed specifically for BioMedical Technicians and Dialysis Clinicians to make the job easier. Get the essential dialysis meters here.

Education Enviromental
Instruments and kits for use by educators and environmental science students. Everything educators need to measure important parameters at an affordable price.

EPA approved testing equipment for environmental testing, field sampling, and on-site laboratory operations and management. Multiparameter meters and testers for environmental analysis.

Food/Dairy Hydroponics
Food manufacturers and dairy farms need high quality testing equipment that meet mandatory food testing procedures. Quality control professionals - find your meters here.

Soilless growers are keen to the importance of water quality tests. Our hydroponic section is full of pH meters, EC/TDS meters, testers, controllers, and systems needed for growing hydroponically.

Industrial Laboratory
Industrial and commercial process using water pumps and systems need to be monitored. Find panel and wall mounted controllers, transmitters, analyzers, titration systems for controlling, monitoring and testing to make sure pumps and systems run efficiently.

Our laboratory equipment section offers the latest benchtop and portable pH meters, conductivity meters, electrodes, and titrators for all size laboratories.

Plating Pools & Spas
Multiple stage plating systems, rinse tanks, and chemical baths require monitoring to maintain proper levels. Browse panel and wall mounted controllers, transmitters, analyzers, pH meters needed for testing, monitoring and controlling in the plating industry.

Pool and spa contractors, CPO's and homeowners use variety of water testing equipment. We offer testers, chemical test kits, controllers, monitors and free chlorine analyzers.

Offset Printing Reverse Osmosis
Pressmen and fountain solution techs use our meters for measuring pH, EC, and temperature in printer's fountain solution. Offset printing troubleshooting usualy starts with testing the fountain solution to ensure proper mix

Check performance and protect your RO membranes by testing essential water quality parameters. We offer meters, monitor and controllers to test TDS, Conductivity, alkalinity, Free Chlorine and ORP of your water.

Wastewater Treatment Wine Analysis
Water and wastwater treatment professionals need laboratory products, process instrumentation, handheld meters and free chlorine analyzers for water analysis. Find what you need here.

Wine makers use an assortment of wine testing equipment for wine analysis. This section is full of titration systems, benchtop and portable meters, and electrodes for testing pH, TDS, conductivity, ORP for wine applications.


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